Dr. Agramonte, OD

Dr. Melissa Agramonte

Dr. Agramonte, OD

  • Experience:
    8 Years


Education: Southern College of Optometry

Specialty: Primary Eye Care, Contact Lenses, Macular Degeneration

Inspiration: Her grandparents

Hobbies: Eating pizza, hiking and kayaking

Favorite Sports: Going to see the Miami Hurricanes play

Favorite Music: Jazz and 90s Rap

At an early age Dr. Agramonte knew she wanted to help people. Born and raised in the cultural melting pot of Miami she wanted to help a variety of people of all ages and ethnicities. She earned her Bachelors of Science in Biology with minors in Chemistry and Literature while attending the University of Miami. Afterwards she attended the Southern College of Optometry where she earned her Doctorate of Optometry. She completed clinical internships at The Eye Center in Memphis, TN, the Naval Weapons Station Optometry Clinic in Charleston, SC, and worked at Dr. Stern’s Visual Health Centers in Miami, FL, prior to finding her home at Elite Vision Care & Florida Eye Care of Boca Raton.

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