Pediatric & Family Friendly Eye Exams

Pediatric & Family Friendly Eye Exams

Pediatric and Family Friendly Eye Exams

Here at Elite Vision Care, Dr. Erin Case, OD, prides herself in being an advocate of strong families. One of our goals is to be accommodating to you and every member of your family, offering eye care services that meet your needs. From young children, to grandma, or to family members with special needs we wish for your experience to be comfortable and a great experience. Our team of friendly and skilled Optometrists and Opticians share their expertise in eye care for kids of all ages.


Comfortable Eye Exams for Kids

Whether your child is having trouble reading or you’d just like to know more about their vision, we welcome you to bring them in for an exam. Our practices are made to be comfortable and welcoming to every member of your family, helping you feel at home with our staff.


If your child is experiencing any of the following symptoms we recommend bringing them in for a visit:

  • Are performing below expected levels in school
  • Read slowly
  • Blink excessively
  • Complain of headaches
  • Have difficulty copying from a chalkboard or textbook
  • Feel tired after reading
  • Complain of itchy, burning or watery eyes
  • Move their head back and forth instead of just their eyes while reading
  • Have problems with coordination in sports


We understand busy school schedules, soccer games, ballet, marching band and many other activities can be hectic. Our staff can help you schedule an appointment with one of our Optometrist trained in pediatric vision exams and recommend specialty care when it is best for your child that fits your busy schedule.


In addition to our expertise in eye care for children we offer a wide selection of children’s glasses to accommodate your child’s vision needs. Our quality first focuses on reliability, durability and safety in the glasses we offer. Your child’s eye protection is our top priority whether they’re reading a book, using the computer or playing a sport. We work with most insurances to maximize your vision care benefits making our products and services very affordable for you and your family.