Glasses Repair and Adjustments

Eye Glasses Repair

Accidents happen all too often. You can mistakenly drop your glasses just as much as you drop other common day to day items such as your phone. Your glasses can fall on the floor, sat on, fall out of a front pocket, crushed in a purse or a number of other accidents. Whether it’s your sun glasses, reading glasses or your crucial prescription glasses these things can happen and it’s ok! At Elite Vision Care we offer a number of repairs, adjustment and replacement services. Each of our offices has expert Opticians ready to make sure that your glasses fit, feel and look amazing. When your prescription has changed or is damaged we can fix your glasses accordingly. Our goal is a perfect and long lasting comfortable fit in your eye wear.

We repair normal wear and tear and accidental damage on all supported frames. Comfortable eye wear is the key. A pleasant fit can make your favorite pair of glasses feel great. So great, you may not even realize you have them on your face. A poor fit can be a terrible experience. Once you leave our office and feel as though your glasses are not comfortable in anyway, please bring them back and we will be happy to make any adjustments to ensure they fit well. For replacement on under warranty glasses please contact any member of our Optician team.